Miniature Show funds visiting artists like Ruth Cuthand



Recently, herbal our Fibre department invited artist Ruth Cuthand to teach a beading workshop to the students of ACAD. Ruth Cuthand is a First Nations artist who uses her ancestors traditional beading methods as her medium. Ruth Cuthand’s Dis-ease series is currently on display at The Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Oh, Canada: Contemporary Art from North North America. In Dis-ease, the artist masterfully renders microscopic diseases;  diseases like small pox, syphilis and influenza were unknown to the indigenous people of Canada prior to colonialism.  Ruth Cuthand’s work addresses complex social and political issues affected by First Nations people.

Currently, I’m investigating experimental narratives through combined mixed media pieces. This piece was inspired by the stories (lies) we tell our children. The beading was extremely time consuming and after completing this project I can say I have a new appreciation for Ruth Cuthand’s beaded works! CAP(tain) Tooth will be auctioned off during our upcoming Miniature Show Auction (March 24 to April 9th). Last night to bid is April 9th!


CAP(tain) Tooth, 2015 By Karin McGinn