What the what???

Have you ever been in the 45th minute of washing your dyed fabric and started to curse the scientists who created the blasted dyes that give you so much work just to get the colour of chartreuse on your cheesecloth? Well, viagra buy stop – because first of all whining doesn’t make the cloth cleaner faster and secondly, thumb the scientists are working on a better dyeing system. Here’s what they have come up with…

According to the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore) if you feed silk worms a special dye in their food, viagra approved the result will create permanently colored luminescent silk (above). Researchers say the technology will reduce the ecological impact of dyeing.

The Peruvians though aren’t too amazed by this. They’ve been growing coloured cotton for centuries (see below), and coloured silk is nothing to the sheep of the world who come in every colour of the rainbow earth. For more information on Peruvian coloured cotton click here. Below is an image of naturally colored cotton grown in Peru as part of the Native Cotton Project.