Artist Talk with Anne Steves – Next Wednesday March 8, 7pm

The Contextural Fibre Arts cooperative, clinic in partnership with ACAD, viagra order  would like to officially invite you to attend the upcoming artist talk with textile and thread based media artist Anne J Steves.   

Location: STANFORD PERROTT LECTURE THEATRE @ the Alberta College of Art + Design.    Date: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 2017 @ 7PM

Anne J Steves is a visual artist working at the intersection of art/craft through textiles and thread based media. Her work examines the narratives of place and the ways in  which craft aesthetics can draw out connections between ourselves and the spaces (both constructed and natural) in which we dwell.

Steves’ work is often instigated by specific sites during artist residencies and independent travel, allowing for interaction with new conditions, communities and materials.

So far these have included a year in a Ranger Station, a collaborative canoe journey down the Rideau Canal, an exploration of string figure making in Victoria and a study of traditional wool blankets in Wales.

For more pictures and writings…

This talk is presented in partnership with Contextural Fibre Arts Cooperative.



Please consider donating.

2017 Mini poster
The ACAD Fibre program is seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.
Funds raised support visiting artists, search workshops and student-initiated projects in the Fibre program. Students, alumni, faculty and friends are encouraged to donate work for the show.

Works restricted to 12” in any direction in all mediums will be accepted.

All work must be accompanied by a submission form and dropped off at the Fibre Program office, Rm 414 by Monday, January 30th, 2017.

The Miniature Show will be displayed from February 6 – 16th. The closing event will be held Thursday, February 16th from 5.30 – 8 pm with closing bids in at 7.30 pm.

For more information or a submission form contact or

Seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.

2017 Mini poster

The ACAD Fibre program is seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.

Funds raised support visiting artists, troche workshops and student-initiated projects in the Fibre program. Students, pilule alumni, ed faculty and friends are encouraged to donate work for the show.

Works restricted to 12” in any direction in all mediums will be accepted.

All work must be accompanied by a submission form and dropped off at the Fibre Program office, Rm 414 by Monday, January 30th, 2017.

The Miniature Show will be displayed from February 6 – 16th. The closing event will be held Thursday, February 16th from 5.30 – 8 pm in Room 371 with closing bids in at 7.30 pm.

For more information or a submission form contact or


New Maps of Paradise: Eric + Mia

New Maps of Paradise, recipe currently on display at the Nickle Arts Museum at the University of Calgary features the work of artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton.  Both artists are Calgary based and the work is focused on community based social projects that the two artists have performed collaboratively since 2007.  Moschopedis comes from a theatre background, while Rushton is focused on a craft based practice.

There is a strong presence of textiles present within the show, including the work titled because even under the cover of darkness we are haunted by the past.  This work is an ongoing quilting project that began in 2012.  The artists conducted ten-question interviews with people they were familiar with.  After the interviews, the artists would choose a phrase that they felt represented the interviewee and imagined that phrase in the form of a quilt.

cover of darkness

Another textile work in the show is we knew the future/before disappearing all together.  This work consists of four quilted banners, spelling out the title of the work on either side of four panels.  This piece represents and celebrates youthful hope, demise and the collectivity of the art community.  From one side of the gallery you can read the words, we knew the future, while from the other side of the gallery you can read, before disappearing all together.

Diana Sherlock’s curatorial ability to translate this performative work into a museum display was due to her borrowing cultural geography and ethnological display techniques.  The work requires the viewer to engage and read the accompanying text.  However, the viewer is rewarded with a clear and deep understanding of the meaning of the work upon doing so.

Running until April 2nd, Eric and Mia: New Maps of Paradise is a strong representation of craft, community and the city of Calgary as a whole.

(image courtesy the artists website:



Gather and Be Alone Together Closing Reception

As I continue my colour research I must acknowledge the artists who work with the absence of colour. Two artists I have been looking at are Maximilian Schubert and Piero Manzoni, what is ed who have a very similar aesthetic.

Schubert is an American artist working with materials towards a minimalist end result. One series of his  imagines “painting-as-object”, anabolics mixing sculpture and painting elements into one. The pieces are done in an all white palette which are then left titled Untitled. Another series inspired by drawing, treat uses brass to create sculptural or 3D drawings. Information on him and his art is limited on line, while lots of images are available.

Schubert 1Schubert 2








Format #14- #16, 2013. Brass.

Untitled, 2013. Cast acrylic polyurethane, epoxy, fibreglass, acrylic and vinyl paint.

Manzoni was an Italian artist living from 1933-1963. He is the artist we all know as the guy who canned his own feces and sold it as art. However, what I am interested in is his sculptural, monochromatic paintings. Similar to Schubert’s pieces, Manzoni drew his inspiration from questioning traditional artistic practices, experimenting with new materials and really playing into conceptual art.

W1siZiIsIjE1MDk0OSJdLFsicCIsImNvbnZlcnQiLCItcmVzaXplIDEyODB4MTI4MFx1MDAzRSJdXQ          W1siZiIsIjcwNjIxIl0sWyJwIiwiY29udmVydCIsIi1yZXNpemUgMTI4MHgxMjgwXHUwMDNFIl1d

Achrome, 1960. Kaolin on canvas.

Achrome, 1962. Fibreglass on velvet-covered wood.


See Schubert’s work and writing on it here:


See Manzoni’s work and writing on it here:


Please join us on Thursday, physician
January 21 from 5 to 7PM at John Fluevog Calgary (207 8 Ave SW) for the closing reception of Gather and Be Alone Together.

This group exhibition features the work of seven fibre artists from Alberta College of Art + Design. Gather and Be Alone Together explores the community of craft and the solitude of creation. The works show a wide range of fibre techniques including weaving, surgeon
embroidery, infection
knitting and cloth dyeing. Many of the works exemplify the importance of the hand-made and explore the significance of this in today’s society. Works in the show present us with quiet reflections of the artist’s meditations and hold the memories of their process in the creation of the work.

The show takes its name from a quote by Ann Hamilton, a contemporary artist who draws inspiration from one of the most well known textile artists in history, Anni Albers. A nod to both past and present, you are invited to Gather and Be Alone Together.


Showcard Front


Visiting Artist: Rowland Ricketts

Fibre Fortnight is coming up next semester, approved so I thought I would share the work of Rowland Ricketts, our visiting artist this year.

Ricketts trained in Japan, learning how to farm and dye with indigo.  His work uses traditional techniques and natural processes to create woven and dyed works of art.  Ricketts also creates large installation pieces, working with the gallery space to create an environment for the viewer.


I am Ai, We are Ai – Warehouse Installation, Japan, 2012

Rickett’s artist statement begins beautifully with an explination of his process and feelings towards his materials.  He states, “The smell of an indigo vat just as it begins fermenting and springs to life is one of ripeness; a moment of rich potentiality when, as a maker, I momentarily stand between the history of the materials and processes that helped me get the indigo thus far and the promise of all the works that the vat is still yet to realize.”  


Past Present, Ohio, 2010


Red Aligned and Centered, Yellow

Rowland Ricketts will be showing his work at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon from January 29, 2016 until June 04, 2016.  That means that if we go on our grad trip to Portland, a wide range of his work will be available for us to view.

All images were taken from Rickett’s website:



Fibre Majors: Call for Submissions


Have you ever read Selvedge Magazine? The school library has a subscription and I highly recommend checking it out. A friend of mine got me a digital subscription for my birthday. It is a beautiful publication full of some of my favourite things: textiles in fashion, fine art, interiors, travel and shopping.

I read a really great article in issue 59 this morning written by Kim Werker called: Ugly on Purpose, which also appears in the book Craftivism: The Art of Craft & Activism by Betsy Greer. In the article she discusses overcoming your fear of failure by making something ugly. She came up with the project “Mighty Ugly” when she was faced with the challenge of making a doll. She decided to alleviate her fear of screwing up by intentionally making the doll ugly. This was a profound experience, liberating her from the pressure she put on her self to make things perfect.

ugly doll

From here, her project flourished. She held workshops and invited people to make ugly dolls with her. They would discuss the ugly voices that we all to listen to saying: “You can’t do it” “It’s not worth trying” and “Nobody will care anyways…”




By listening to that voice and letting it convince you not to make something or not to speak out is doing yourself a disservice. “If there’s even a small chance our creations or conversations will make someone smile or raise someone’s consciousness or inspire reflection, that’s reason enough to create or converse.”

Kim Werker now has a book on her project as well as a website:

I really enjoyed reading this piece, it has a lot of parallels to my ideas and work with stains on cloth. Making something ugly is really the beginning of something beautiful 🙂



The Fibre Department is now accepting submissions for our annual show at the Peanut Gallery at John Fluevog Calgary.  The show will run from December 14th until January 30th and is open exclusively to fibre majors.  Submissions must be in by Tuesday, medicine
December 1st
, online
no later than 12:00PM.

Submissions can be emailed to: Within the body of your email, Hemorrhoids
please include:

  1. Your name and year of study
  2. Contact information (non-ACAD email if necessary)

Attach to email in PDF form:

  1. A statement (maximum 300 words) that describes the work you are submitting and a brief explanation of your practice as an artist
  2. A point form description of the work that includes:
    1. Title of the work
    2. Materials
    3. Dimensions
    4. Installation requirements
  3. Digital images of your work (minimum 2)
    1. Must be jpeg files
    2. Images must be properly lit and in focus
    3. Please make your images 150 dpi and 1200 pixels along the longest side
    4. If your work requires video or sound please submit electronic files

Please make sure all attached files are in PDF form. The Peanut Gallery does not provide plinths, so please consider work that can be installed without the use of a plinth. The date of installation for the show will be on December 13, 2015 and artists must be available to install their work on that day between 12-5.

If you have any questions about the submission process prior to the deadline, please feel free to contact Madison Potter at


Miniature Show funds visiting artists like Ruth Cuthand



Recently, herbal our Fibre department invited artist Ruth Cuthand to teach a beading workshop to the students of ACAD. Ruth Cuthand is a First Nations artist who uses her ancestors traditional beading methods as her medium. Ruth Cuthand’s Dis-ease series is currently on display at The Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Oh, Canada: Contemporary Art from North North America. In Dis-ease, the artist masterfully renders microscopic diseases;  diseases like small pox, syphilis and influenza were unknown to the indigenous people of Canada prior to colonialism.  Ruth Cuthand’s work addresses complex social and political issues affected by First Nations people.

Currently, I’m investigating experimental narratives through combined mixed media pieces. This piece was inspired by the stories (lies) we tell our children. The beading was extremely time consuming and after completing this project I can say I have a new appreciation for Ruth Cuthand’s beaded works! CAP(tain) Tooth will be auctioned off during our upcoming Miniature Show Auction (March 24 to April 9th). Last night to bid is April 9th!


CAP(tain) Tooth, 2015 By Karin McGinn

Contextural Residency Show “Organic Matters” Opening Reception Tonight 6-8!

Hi everyone, information pills

Here is a sneak preview of some pictures from the Contextural Fibre Co-operative Groups Show currently being shown in the Marion Nicoll Gallery, viagra Room 371 & the ACAD Storefront Jubilee Window. The opening reception is tonight from 6-8pm. 

This past June 2014 I participated in the residency program and here is what I found out about this Calgary based Fibre co-operative group. The Contextural Residency Program is a great meeting place for ACAD students to come together with ACAD Alumni, teachers and other like- minded artists. Residency members have the printing and the emulsion room for use , you also get a private studio area (hours are 7am-11pm).I did find that most people have differing schedules and it was quieter than I anticipated.

What I’ve enjoyed most about the residency program has been seeing the culmination of everyones work put into the Organic Matters Show. Its truly a great opportunity for students to participate in a show alongside some very talented artists. I almost have too many favourite pieces to mention, but I especially LOVED  Jolie Bird’s “Le pick- up” painting. Her mastery in combining painting with thread is superb and something that I’m striving for in my own work. Ginni Armitage’s “A Day Dream,” really did feel dreamy, she makes working with paper look easy.

I’ve added a link if anyone is interested about Contextural

I’ll see you tonight at the opening reception!

-Karin McGinn

Fibre department garden

The Whitney Biennial may have been divided according to the inclinations of its three curators this year but on every floor there were hints of handicrafts from enormous samples of misshapen glazed pottery to cords of eye-poppingly colorful natural fibers suspended from the ceiling. -Rozalia Jovanovic

Sheila Hicks
Hello ACAD community!

My name is Jolie, surgeon
I am filing in for Tara Niscak, the beloved Fibre Technician while she is on maternity leave.

I wanted to share an exciting new project I am starting here in May. Some of you may know the Fibre department has a big, beautiful patio off room 415, this summer we are going to start a garden growing natural dye plants for our department. As this is a pilot project we will start by growing everything in containers in order to be cost effective and flexible with the space.

A few years ago I read about SAIT’s culinary garden and thought what a great idea it was. I liked the way the garden moves the classroom outside while physically connecting the students to their food and therefore creating a better understanding of what they are eating and serving to their patrons. My hope is by starting this garden our students will gain a better understanding of the materials they use. Working with natural dyes presents a wide and varied range of colours and possibilities. I hope our students will be encouraged to work in a more sustainable way choosing natural dyes over chemical dyes and will learn how easy it is to start their own gardens once they graduate.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious and cost effective I am looking for a few items you might have at home and no longer need. Please have a look through your garages and garden sheds and make a donation to the new Fibre department garden!

  • CLEAN 5 gallon pails
  • Large gardening pots
  • Watering can
  • Hand gardening tools
  • A rain barrel
  • Good quality, clean soil

In addition to these items, I would love to have help from anyone who wants to be involved, send me an email if you are interested in lending a hand.

Article on SAIT’s culinary garden for your reading pleasure.


The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn has been doing this for a few years, have a look!


ACAD Fibre Fortnight, Mini Silent Auction + Underwater Basket Weaving!


ACAD’s Fibre Program and the School of Craft + Emerging Media are pleased to present a series of events between March 11 and 20, sildenafil 2014 celebrating the talents of current students, phimosis alumni and faculty.

Fibre Fortnight Exhibition
This exhibition takes over the entire ACAD Main Mall and features student work at all levels across a variety of media including mixed media sculpture, surface design, weaving, video and more.

Miniature Silent Auction
Our yearly Fibre program fundraiser features small, collectible pieces donated by ACAD students, alumni, faculty and staff. Bidding is ongoing and will close March 20 at 6 pm. Funds raised support Fibre’s visiting artist program, student initiated projects and the Fibre graduating class. So bid early and bid often. 

Closing Reception + Alumni Panel
Finally, please join us from 5 to 9 pm for the Closing Reception for both exhibitions in the ACAD main mall (3rd floor); and a special alumni panel discussion hosted by the School of Craft + Emerging Media. Underwater Basket Weaving: Risk, Entrepreneurship and Strategies for Success will engage six ACAD alumni in conversation around their successes and overall experiences as entrepreneurs in a range of creative industries. Confirmed alumni panelists are:

Mackenzie Kelly-Frère, Associate Chair, School of Craft + Emerging Media (and ACAD Fibre alumnus) will facilitate the discussion. The panel starts at 7 pm in the Stanford Perrot Lecture Theatre.

All are welcome and this event is open to the public.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Tara’s Baby Shower



Fine Looking Bunch of Women

pastel, this web etching, lithography on paper

Collection of Checotah Creek Indian Community

Bobby C. Martin

Bobby C. Martin, a painter, has many of the same ideas in his art work that I find in mine. He uses old family photographs to inspire his practice. Martin works mainly with oil paint, but also uses techniques such as encaustic, acrylic, block printing, and etching. Although our mediums are completely different our concepts are very much the same. In his artist statement he says:

“I base many of my works on photographs that belonged to my full blood Indian grandmother, my aunts, my mother—images found in shoeboxes, forgotten in the bottoms of drawers, or found among the tattered black pages of old leather-bound photo albums. The photographs have very personal meanings for me as the artist, but I have found also that there is an almost universal recognition among viewers of a sense of history and identity, evoking memories of their own family’s past.

My hope is for my art to become like an old family photograph—perhaps cherished, perhaps stuffed in a box in the attic—but always able to evoke memories every time it is viewed.”


Mom & Mary Ann (The Redhead)

oil and collage on canvas

48 x 72 in.


Sunday Best

oil on canvas

24 x 36 in.


Granny & Pa

oil on canvas

Courtesy Dr. J.W. Wiggins Native American Art Collection


I am drawn to Martin’s work because of his yearning to learn about his family, and himself. While creating new pieces, he says he is able to learn about the people within the photos. He says “it makes you really think about what they were like and what their lives were like.” With my work I try and do the same thing. I am a very family oriented person, and I think this is what drew me to the photographs in the first place. I have a yearning to find out about my ancestors, whether they be alive or passed away. I feel like if I am able to learn about them, I can in turn learn about myself.







2014-02-27 13.14.09 2014-02-27 13.17.41 2014-02-27 13.28.39 2014-02-27 13.12.38 2014-02-27 13.11.23 2014-02-27 13.10.42 2014-02-27 13.10.25 2014-02-27 13.08.18 2014-02-27 13.08.08 2014-02-27 13.07.52thanks everyone for coming to the baby shower slash potluck for Tara. if you could not make it you missed out on a fun afternoon with good food, this site
good company, and good conversation! the baby basket for the adopt a family should still be available if anyone has anything to donate.