ACADSA’s Winter Show +Sale

Hello Fibre people!

Just wanted to leave a brief reminder that the deadline to register for ACADSA’s Winter Show + Sale is coming up on Thursday, October 5th at 11:59 pm. To sign up, please fill out this online form:

The first meeting will also be on Thursday, October 5th from 1-1:30 pm (in room 371). This is the Inventory workshop which is mandatory for NEW Show + Sale participants. RETURNING students who need a refresher on Show + Sale procedures and filling out the inventory sheet are encouraged to attend as well, but it is not mandatory for them to do so.

ACADSA will also be hosting Market Collective co-founders Angela Dione and Angel Guerra, and New Craft Coalition co-founder and ACAD alumni Laura Sharp on Tuesday, October 10 at 4pm in the Lecture Theatre.

These lovely guest are coming to talk to us about selling artwork in a market environment. This is such a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning about selling their work once graduated from ACAD. It will be held in a panel format, so there will be plenty of opportunity for questions!!!

Thanks all,

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please e-mail me at 

IKG Gallery – MFA Thesis Exhibition March 27 to 30

Know what an ACAD MFA thesis exhibition/examination looks like?
Neither do I, nor anyone else
.                                                       … because this is the very first one!

Come take a look, and attend any of the artist talks or even the thesis examination.
All are open to all-ACAD and the public, view though space is limited.


Sharon Hogg’s thesis exhibition is on for three busy days at the end of March at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery 2.


Artist Talk with Anne Steves – Next Wednesday March 8, 7pm

The Contextural Fibre Arts cooperative, clinic in partnership with ACAD, viagra order  would like to officially invite you to attend the upcoming artist talk with textile and thread based media artist Anne J Steves.   

Location: STANFORD PERROTT LECTURE THEATRE @ the Alberta College of Art + Design.    Date: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 2017 @ 7PM

Anne J Steves is a visual artist working at the intersection of art/craft through textiles and thread based media. Her work examines the narratives of place and the ways in  which craft aesthetics can draw out connections between ourselves and the spaces (both constructed and natural) in which we dwell.

Steves’ work is often instigated by specific sites during artist residencies and independent travel, allowing for interaction with new conditions, communities and materials.

So far these have included a year in a Ranger Station, a collaborative canoe journey down the Rideau Canal, an exploration of string figure making in Victoria and a study of traditional wool blankets in Wales.

For more pictures and writings…

This talk is presented in partnership with Contextural Fibre Arts Cooperative.

Fibre Events


The annual Fibre show is on display in the main mall until Friday, adiposity February

Madelaine Purves-Smith presents Custom Woolen Mills Thursday Feb 16 – 3pm
Stanford Perrot Lecture Theatre

The miniature show is in rm. 371 this year. Bidding has started and closes
during our reception, epilepsy Thursday February 16th, 5:30-8pm, final bids- 7:30pm.

Hope to see many of you at our talk and closing reception,
The Fibre Program



Please consider donating.

2017 Mini poster
The ACAD Fibre program is seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.
Funds raised support visiting artists, search workshops and student-initiated projects in the Fibre program. Students, alumni, faculty and friends are encouraged to donate work for the show.

Works restricted to 12” in any direction in all mediums will be accepted.

All work must be accompanied by a submission form and dropped off at the Fibre Program office, Rm 414 by Monday, January 30th, 2017.

The Miniature Show will be displayed from February 6 – 16th. The closing event will be held Thursday, February 16th from 5.30 – 8 pm with closing bids in at 7.30 pm.

For more information or a submission form contact or

Seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.

2017 Mini poster

The ACAD Fibre program is seeking submissions for the 2017 Miniature Show / Silent Auction.

Funds raised support visiting artists, troche workshops and student-initiated projects in the Fibre program. Students, pilule alumni, ed faculty and friends are encouraged to donate work for the show.

Works restricted to 12” in any direction in all mediums will be accepted.

All work must be accompanied by a submission form and dropped off at the Fibre Program office, Rm 414 by Monday, January 30th, 2017.

The Miniature Show will be displayed from February 6 – 16th. The closing event will be held Thursday, February 16th from 5.30 – 8 pm in Room 371 with closing bids in at 7.30 pm.

For more information or a submission form contact or


Natural Dye Sampler

Fun Fun Fun!

On the weekend I was busy cooking up a variety of colours for a natural dye printing sampler. This sampler shows thirty colours and eleven different modifiers making for a grand total of three hundred and thirty circlers. The modifers include: Cream of Tartar, sick Soda Ash, information pills Citric Acid, store Alum and Iron. The natural dye colours include: Weld, Buckthorn, Chamomile, Golden Rod, Osage, Marigold, Gallnut, Sumac, Madder, Lac, Brazilwood, Logwood, Henna and Black Walnut. I mixed a variety of these saturate dye pastes together to get secondary colours. I also mixed various ratios of alum and iron paste together, this creates the darker grey colours that appear on the cloth below. I will be teaching an introduction to printing with natural dyes workshop next semester, so stay tuned if you are interested in signing up. I received a grant from ACAD to teach this workshop so there will be no costs to students!
Above is a shot of the dye colours before I’ve added the modifiers.

Above is a shot of the dye colours with the modifiers.

14958246_10153925961167513_546793051_o14958189_10153925960922513_909972978_o14954414_10153925960687513_355481719_o 14895448_10153925961557513_808284727_o 14881779_10153925961787513_299566876_o


The Art of Stillness



In conversation with Pico Iyer and Laurie Brown on Stillness at the Banff Centre Photo Source: personal.


This past weekend I was very fortunate to be able to attend a conversation with writer Pico Iyer and CBC broadcaster Laurie Brown (from The Signal) as they discussed Stillness at The Banff Centre. Pico Iyer (of TED talk fame) has long been an inspiration to me for my written material and content behind my embroideries.

Several years back while working through concepts of home within my work I came across Iyer’s TED Talk called “Where Is Home?” his perspective shook me out of a writer’s rut and helped me work through my own definitions of home. I have since been following his publications closely.

When I later came across his second TED Talk, information pills “The Art of Stillness”. I discovered how we aligned for a second time as I was starting to work through my embroideries on movement. When Iyer’s book of the same title was released I was quick to pick it up, view hunkered down with a pizza and read it from beginning to end.


Processed with Snapseed.
Photo Source: personal.

The biggest takeaway that I had from my experience at The Banff Centre and Iyer’s talk was the importance of slowing down in our fast paced digital world. I often look to an embroidery as a source for my personal removal and overstimulation from technology. Embroidery cannot be sped up, stomach no amount of technology will make those handstitches go in any faster without losing their precise nature. I find myself working on my embroideries losing a sense of time and my surroundings and coming to my own definition of stillness.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the talk, comment below!



Contextural Self-Directed Summer Residency Program – Deadline March 27

I’m no good at keeping up a blog on the internet. Call me old fashioned, price but I still like recording things in my sketch book. Actually, I like drawing, which is a form of recording something. Or the simple fact that if you encounter something interesting, like a exhibition, a show, or even a musical artist preforming, you can take the flyer and put it in your sketchbook, as well as any pictures you take. I remember as a art student in high school my art teacher said to make sure you were looking at other artists work, and I would always print them out and glue them into my sketch. I have probably over 10 sketchbooks all filled with drawings and memories.

My project seems to be going well. Its kind of consumed me. I would love to take a full day off to work on it but unfortunately my boss is in Scotland and I cant. She gets back the 28th, so I booked off the 29th which is the day before my photo shoot. Her vacation and my project deadline have aligned pretty terribly.

– Chelsey Wensveen


The deadline for applications is less than a week away! Submit your application by March 27th to be a participant in the 9th annual Contextural Self-directed Summer Residency and end of Residency exhibition.
We are seeking individuals who:

  • Are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting
  • Will be actively involved in, about it
    and contribute to, our community
  • Seek access to affordable studio space and specialized equipment
  • Are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills through teaching and collaboration
  • Appreciate and practice the diversity of textile arts and craft
  • Embrace an environmental approach to studio production
  • Are ready to commit a fee of $250 for a three-month, or $150 for one-month summer studio rental and access to equipment.
  • Will contribute to the end of summer residency exhibition.

Please visit – for more information on our mission, vision, and values.

Residency Dates

One-month residencies are May 29 ? July 3 (with mandatory attendance for orientation & move-in Sunday, May 29 at 1:00pm) and July 24 – 

August 28 (with mandatory attendance for orientation & move-in on Sunday, July 24 at 1:00pm).

Three-month residency is May 29 – August 28 with mandatory attendance for orientation/move-in Sunday, May 29 at 1:00pm.

How To Apply – Please visit for submission requirements.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 27th @ midnight. If accepted, residency fees are due with the acceptance form and supply order form by May 1st.

Again this year, Contextural will be offering the Contextural Summer Residency Scholarship to individuals or members applying for the three-month residency. The scholarship includes studio fees for the three-month summer residency ($250 value) and $250 for supplies.

For questions regarding the summer residency, please direct them to us at


//Unshelved// Art as Future-Making

I am lucky enough to be able to participate in an exhibit titled “Unshelved” with a lot of great artists from ACAD. This exhibit comes from Mireille Perron’s FINA 450 class and includes the work of students from nearly every department!

I wanted to take this great opportunity to create something different from my usual practice while still incorporating it in some way.

I chose to create a book of weaving – I used a found book of collected stories from one author who I chose to keep anonymous as it is not necessarily important in discussing what I wanted to portray with my work. I titled it “Anthology of Weaving” in which there are pages upon pages of hand woven book pages. I ripped out many pages throughout the book and cut them up into strips to weave back in to the remaining pages. By doing this I distorted the remaining text into my own story. This takes the traditional form of weaving into new dimensions.

On the inside cover I included this:

    ” Anthology of Weaving synthesizes two great art forms. Placed between the covers of the label “The Collected Stories”, see the viewer encounters a commentary on the versatility of the craft of weaving. Where the traditional practice of weaving utilizes a loom and fabric, syphilis this piece of art takes the pages of the art of writing and rebuilds it into a woven work. The sudden encounters of capital letters or italicized words draws in the readers attention, impotent which occasionally reveals complete sentences in the chaos. Such a thing can be found in woven fabric as well; highlighted stitches or dyed fabric capture the intrigue of the viewer and provides a means of contemplation as to the depth of the piece itself. Anthology of Weaving ultimately creates a commentary on possibilities, and depth of, the craft itself. With the combination of writing and weaving, the viewer begins to wonder just how far the craft can go. Look past the cover and lose yourself in the collected stories hidden within Anthology of Weaving. ”

12825617_10153343979700986_1459961643_n 10480965_10153343983320986_1624085292_n 12822104_10153343983830986_2104270191_n








This exhibition is on display in the ACAD Luke Lindoe Library from March 8th-April 7th, 2016. There is an opening from 5-7 pm in the library on Thursday, March 10th, so come on down and check out some fantastic work from graduating students  at ACAD!




Fibre Arts Book Sale!

Over reading break in my hometown I decided to try and teach people how to knit.

I hosted a Wool and the Gang knitting party where they set up the event and sell the wool but I teach the class.



It was very successful 13 people signed up and everyone finished there Snood Operator which was the name of the project.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.51.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.52.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.52.13 PM

The knitting projects are super fun and for all levels of knitting and the best part is that you get your project for half the price and the host gets one for free!

Knit Parties


Luke Lindoe Library’s

Fibre Arts Book Sale


February 25-27th

In conjunction with

‘Fibre Fortnight’ (


‘925: A Sterling Anniversary’ (

Featuring the generous donation from the estate of SANDRA KRYSTALOWICH, health
award-winning Calgary quilter, physician
this sale will include

a treasure-trove of New and ‘As New’ books on all forms of Quilting, Embroidery and all aspects of the needle arts.

Thursday February 25th

ACAD Main Mall 12-5:30pm

Friday February 26th

Library 8:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday February 27th

Library 11am-5pm

CASH ONLY please (ATMs on campus)


New Maps of Paradise: Eric + Mia

New Maps of Paradise, recipe currently on display at the Nickle Arts Museum at the University of Calgary features the work of artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton.  Both artists are Calgary based and the work is focused on community based social projects that the two artists have performed collaboratively since 2007.  Moschopedis comes from a theatre background, while Rushton is focused on a craft based practice.

There is a strong presence of textiles present within the show, including the work titled because even under the cover of darkness we are haunted by the past.  This work is an ongoing quilting project that began in 2012.  The artists conducted ten-question interviews with people they were familiar with.  After the interviews, the artists would choose a phrase that they felt represented the interviewee and imagined that phrase in the form of a quilt.

cover of darkness

Another textile work in the show is we knew the future/before disappearing all together.  This work consists of four quilted banners, spelling out the title of the work on either side of four panels.  This piece represents and celebrates youthful hope, demise and the collectivity of the art community.  From one side of the gallery you can read the words, we knew the future, while from the other side of the gallery you can read, before disappearing all together.

Diana Sherlock’s curatorial ability to translate this performative work into a museum display was due to her borrowing cultural geography and ethnological display techniques.  The work requires the viewer to engage and read the accompanying text.  However, the viewer is rewarded with a clear and deep understanding of the meaning of the work upon doing so.

Running until April 2nd, Eric and Mia: New Maps of Paradise is a strong representation of craft, community and the city of Calgary as a whole.

(image courtesy the artists website: