ACAD’s Fibre Program offers students a unique opportunity to explore the diverse field of contemporary fibre. Traditional and experimental practices coexist in this rigorous and dynamic program of study. Students enrolled in Fibre courses can expect to encounter a broad range of processes including weaving, side effects dyeing, order tapestry, cardiology surface design, felting, papermaking, sculpture, mixed media, and installation. Hands on exploration of materials and processes is juxtaposed with digital approaches to design for both printed and woven textiles.

The Fibre Program’s open, flexible curriculum enables students to pursue an intensive study in the area, or to explore an interdisciplinary approach, accessing courses in other departments. Fibre also welcomes students from other areas of study who want to enrich their understanding of fibre-specific materials, techniques and concepts. As a number of our courses do not require prerequisites they are available to all students at every level. Courses at the introductory level focus on the development of skills, knowledge of a variety of media and concepts integral to contemporary fibre practice. During the third year, students pursue in-depth study in the areas of surface design, mixed media and/or weaving, pursuing areas of personal interest. Directed studio courses foster independent, studio-based research and critical thinking in consultation with a chosen faculty member. Fourth-year students develop work for exhibition and submit a major paper in support of their individual studio practice.

Throughout their time of study students also take Liberal Arts courses, exploring the history of textiles, material culture and craft theory, and are encouraged to apply this knowledge in the studio. Studio visits, workshops and lectures by visiting artists, designers and craftspeople allow students to gain a better understanding of the diversity of approaches in fibre practice. The faculty’s extensive knowledge of contemporary fibre art and historical textiles, the diverse curriculum and the well-equipped, spacious studio facilities make this one of the strongest Fibre programs on the continent.