Review of Leah Decter’s Here…is the place where you are, Trespass/es piece

Leah Decter discusses in her body of work Here… is the place where you are, youth health the conceptual thinking behind four of her works. Decter explores the human relationship to place, using personal memories, lineage, and iconography she focuses heavily on social and political topics. Decter combines the mediums of video and textiles to educate the viewer through narrative. Her making of the quilt reflects her thought process and the editing of the video projection gives insight into her technique.

Her piece Trespass/es provokes a question relevant to my personal practice; How can one communicate a textile concept using video in a practical display?

Decters piece, Trespass/es, implicated both video and textile installment. Her focus on community also tied into her ideas of place being defined as a result of human history. She describes the projected video and quilt as a ‘dialog of centuries’, making connections to run off threads as a form of lineage. The constituent pieces of this installation are interdependent, in that one cannot exist without the other to be successful.

A free PDF file can be found here: Decter, Leah. “Here… is the place where you are.” Digital Commons at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Google Scholar. N.p., 2006. Web. 01 Dec. 2016