Jean Lurçat

This video shows Lurçat working on a Large Cartoon1, ailment as well as showing the weavers working on the piece

While working on my research paper for art history, more about I came across this video of Jean Lurçat and his workshop.


For colour selection rather than using hundreds of colours he used a system utilizing 30 to 40 colours. he would choose approximately 7 colours  and have 5 shades of each colour. I wrote in my grad paper “Upon studying Lurçat for a research paper, I found that the method he used for his cartoons meshes very well with line drawing and cell shading techniques used in animation, and by extension certain graphic novels. The use of graphic line and numbered colours is similar to how I work with colour with Copic markers”

If all goes well with the sampler, I’m hoping to utilize this knowledge for larger projects.

~Sara Y


1 – the prepratory drawing for a tapestry or fresco

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