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Dick pics 2: electric boogaloo

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Much Neglected Posts

Here’s some progress images from thumbnail, resuscitation to close to being weavable file and a bonus Vsevolod (Svetlana’s younger but not youngest brother)

Since I’m still having trouble getting the words out to explain my characters, I will give you all name explanations
Daniel Lévesque – It’s an inside joke to myself. Literally named after my grade 7 teacher who would pronounce “Daniel” as it is in French and said Daniel kid would have a hissy fit every time because “it’s a girl’s name”. His name is supposed to be the French pronunciation, which I frequently get wrong.

Both him and Svetlana are couple, which is why I planned on two Jacquard panels.

I’ll be posting a few storyboard test things, but I hope to do more storyboards in the future to explain my characters better than I can by talking about them.


~Sara Y