Fever Ray

Fever Ray, there is the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife, ailment (a music duo involving her and her brother Olof Dreijer)

She uses costumes and face paint in her music videos serve to obscure her in an effort to make her craft more about the music and visuals rather than herself. If her face is unobscured, she often employs other individuals to lip-sync in music videos with Karin serving as a background character. She utilizes voice changers and uses her voice more like a synthesized instrument rather than focusing on pure, un-altered singing

If I had a Heart is one of my absolute favourite songs,

The droning repetition creates a dark atmosphere juxtaposed with visuals of a mansion littered with bodies.  The video combined with the song has a vey folklore like feeling, or the aftermath of something supernatural, much like urban legend theories of the Dyatlov Pass incident. there are a few entries in the SPC foundation that fit the atmosphere I’m wanting to compare better

Her music, for me, creates an apprehensive, uncanny valley like atmosphere I enjoy.

Collaboration with Röyksopp under her Fever Ray monicker (not obvious on the video title, but she’s credited on the album) She appears in the video but the lipsync is done by Marianne Schröder

~Sara Y