COCOON I Redux – Progress

I decided to redo my first cocoon project, look as it was destroyed in the process of making COCOON II. And i wanted all three forms to be together.

I also decided to hand felt rather than shoving it in the washer. The surface area is bigger and it’s way more plush too.


Original COCOON I


I found out about halfway through the process that using the giant fibreglass tub for river molds (I assume) worked great for containing the water, symptoms instead of working only in the evenings and having the mop and bucket handy. For soap I use olive oil soap, since I use my hands rather than bubble wrap for larger felt pieces, my hands can survive for longer. (I don’t like gloves because I can’t feel things)

Trailer’s helpin’ again
i cut the felt sheets into vague lemon shapes to get close to the shape I wanted
I decided to sew the parts together making the process much faster and utilizing the surface area of the felt much better


I figured out the plastic tubing I had lying around works great for circular structures
So far, I’ve sewed three hoops to the inside of the top, which has greatly improved the shape.

~Sara Y