An interview with a Fellow Studio mate


Sometimes we forget to really ask our colleagues difficult questions about their work. I am taking this opportunity to sit down and ask Asma Ismail a few things about the development of her art practice.

Rael: Why ACAD, viagra approved I am always really curious about the origin stories or decisions people make to attend art school.

Asma: honesty, sick it is because I did not know what else to do, and though it was a good foundation for building the potential for a masters later.

Rael: What was the most crucial material/technique that changed or developed your work now? Why

Asma: Natural dyes. Cause synthetic dyes seemed dull and not right. They was no connection to the dyeing process whereas the natural dye process is so demanding of my body, and constantly keeping me engaged and reworking around the unexpected turn of events.

Rael: Have you looked at graduate program yet?

Asma: No, it makes me want to cry.