The Kiswa

Since very few of you have actually seen my work I felt that it might be a good idea to show you some of what I have done in the past. The project that essentially started it all is entitled “17 Minutes”, sickness which, sildenafil 3 years ago, search was statistically how often a woman in Canada was subjected to sexual assault. I found out this statistic shortly after I started working on this project, Laura Vickerson left an incredibly informative (and horrifying) article on my desk about sexual violence in Canada. Did you know that in legal terms in Canada we do not label unwanted sex as “rape”? In Canada we have “sexual assault” which is broken into 3 levels:

  1. Sexual assault level 1 is committed in a sexual situation and compromises the sexual integrity of the victim. The victim is subject to minor or no physical injury.
  2. Sexual assault level 2 involves weapons, threats or bodily harm
  3. Sexual assault level 3 involves permanent and/or life-threatening injury to the victim



The Kiswa is the cloth that cover the Kaba (square structure in the holy city of Macca, Phimosis
Suadia Arabia). Through out history the cloth came from city such as Baghada, Egypt and Yemen depending on who had greater influence in Mecca at the time. The Kiswa consumes about 700kg of silk that has been imported from Italy and Germany and 120kg of gold and silver threads.   The Kiswa is now manufactured in Sadia Arabia and takes about 10 months. Every year the old Kiswa is taken down and cut into pieces which are given to visiting foreign dignitaries and organizations