Luigi Bevilacqua Company

It amazes me what I can find online when I am supposed to be doing something that I don’t want to (i.e. writing my grad paper).  This morning I watched many, visit many, many weaving videos in Italian.  No, I don’t speak Italian but that didn’t stop me. Eventually I stumbled across a few videos with English subtitles. The two I am sharing are both about the Luigi Bevilacqua Company in Venice, Italy. Remarkably, the Bevilacqua family can trace their velvet weaving history back to the 1400’s. The equipment and workshop space is breathtaking.  If you feel the need to squander some of your time visit their website.  It includes videos, a catalogue of their fabrics and a blog.

To this day, the Luigi Bevilacqua Company weave their velvet, by hand, on Jacquard looms from the 19th century.  They create their patterns by hand and transfer the designs to punch cards!  Crazy.