Dear Fiber Diary

Natural dyes are really unpredictable, buy cialis which is usually a good thing for me. I think my best work stems form pieces that I let speak for them selves as the process of creating took place. I have a theory that I should always leave a little bit of room for gods input on the piece (the unexpected turn of events). This year I find myself a bit too attached to the idea of what I would like the final piece to be and I find it really debilitating but I’m trying really hard to just keep going and rework things.


I got the Cochineal red I wanted with my thicker weight wool so I thought Id try it again with my wool crepe, I extracted the dye with distilled water and I used 5 or 6 jugs of distilled water for my dye bath, I put my wool crepe in and I put my red cochineal dye extract in and I was smiling to myself thinking ‘hey I’m getting good at this, this is goona look so great’. I left the dye room for 5 mints only to come back to a dye bath that was turning purple! After freaking out I concluded that I must have absentmindedly put a cup of tap water in and changed the PH level. I still had a little bit of wool crepe left and distilled water so I decided that I would try to dye that piece red and this time I watched my dye bath for about 5mints, the dye started to change to purple again within 2-3 mints. My heart cried a little bit. I still don’t really know why the cochineal red didn’t work with the crepe I have some irrational theories but for now well just say that god wanted purple.


It was a pretty, light, marbled purple because the cloth was over crowded.


It needed more depth so I decided to repeat print on it. It somehow slipped my mind that it was a cochineal purple not a logwood purple so I repeat printed with citric acid which; very, very, very, faintly showed up because citric acid only shows up on logwood. I had a really good laugh at myself at this point.



I want to make wrap around skirts out of this wool crepe.





I printed on some of the wool crepe with iron for the waistband part of the skirt










Jolie if your reading this maybe, this is where you should stop reading hahha. I dip dyed with logwood.




The gang


I’m still not done working with this cloth. I don’t really know how I feel about the color scheme. I think I am going to print on the light pink cochineal with logwood or iron maybe..










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  1. because i moved the stove to the other room, put it on a plinth and used the racks, idk if any of this is legal lol

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