Beauty in Simplicity

I have been trying to develop my hand sewing further into ideas for garments. My interest in slow cloth and slow fashion .After studying fashion design my interest in garment making never completely left. Though I often find myself caught up in the negativity surrounding the fashion industry due to its negative social and environmental impacts, dosage  I now see clothing as having great potential for growth and development. Clothing is a necessity, and it can impact every home and every person. My love of handsewn garments and handmade cloth is driven by choice to slow down, to meditate, and to appreciate beauty in simplicity.

These feelings I have towards cloth and fashion are the inspiration for my a few of my final pieces that will incorporate small stencils and applique on linen tunics. There will be more about this project soon.

Stenciled scsrves and samples, indigo dyed.
Sketching Development for garment series.