A way of living

As my work continues down the beaten track of sustainability, migraine I feel the need to emphasize the fact this is not merely a focus of education; this is in fact a shift in lifestyle. Since May 2016 I have been engaged in a voluntary project in Golden, BC.  Two people of my age are building what has become known as an Earthship.  The term was made known by Micheal Reynolds in the late sixties, as he designed and developed the concept of a completely sustainable home.  His reasoning was that animals can construct their own shelter, so why not humans?

The materials used to construct one of these eco-friendly abodes are readily available and largely as waste. Calgary city dump has over seven million tires alone, yet these discarded materials are the bricks of an earthship, packed with earth. Bottles, cans and scrap timber make an Earthship.

Owners Tanner Nicholson and Sam Macklon have made swift progress in the seven months I have known them. When we first arrived the home had been dug into the hillside, and the retaining tire-walls constructed, so our first job was to help pack between the tires with ‘cobbing’, or mud and straw. Each day thereafter was varied, with multiple projects going on putting this forty foot shelter together. And after two years since their beginning this dream, the house is livable. With help from eager backpackers, hitchhikers, and other curious ramblers they have made their house a home, using reclaimed material.

The feeling of working in an earthship, getting mud between my fingernails, shoveling sand, hammering siding is a step toward my own future.


– Kristen –