The Art of Stillness



In conversation with Pico Iyer and Laurie Brown on Stillness at the Banff Centre Photo Source: personal.


This past weekend I was very fortunate to be able to attend a conversation with writer Pico Iyer and CBC broadcaster Laurie Brown (from The Signal) as they discussed Stillness at The Banff Centre. Pico Iyer (of TED talk fame) has long been an inspiration to me for my written material and content behind my embroideries.

Several years back while working through concepts of home within my work I came across Iyer’s TED Talk called “Where Is Home?” his perspective shook me out of a writer’s rut and helped me work through my own definitions of home. I have since been following his publications closely.

When I later came across his second TED Talk, information pills “The Art of Stillness”. I discovered how we aligned for a second time as I was starting to work through my embroideries on movement. When Iyer’s book of the same title was released I was quick to pick it up, view hunkered down with a pizza and read it from beginning to end.


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Photo Source: personal.

The biggest takeaway that I had from my experience at The Banff Centre and Iyer’s talk was the importance of slowing down in our fast paced digital world. I often look to an embroidery as a source for my personal removal and overstimulation from technology. Embroidery cannot be sped up, stomach no amount of technology will make those handstitches go in any faster without losing their precise nature. I find myself working on my embroideries losing a sense of time and my surroundings and coming to my own definition of stillness.

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  1. Julie! This talk sounds like it was amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am very interested in hearing more about the talk. I really like Laurie Brown, I haven’t hear of Pico Iyer. I will check out his TED talks for sure.

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