When Ceramics and Fabric Dying collide


Rael Lockwood. Bisque slip cast porcelain with lace burnout. 2016.

I was re-introduced to clay last year and fell in love. I am constantly looking for connections, tadalafil possibilities, advice and relationships clay has to textiles and fibre. I have found that there many similarities in processes, help materials, surfaces. Last year I did some research into slip casting and burning out textiles leaving ghost like fabric impressions (left image).

I recently found this small group of artists that form Atelier Murmur. Wang Zhuo, Jiang Xinhe, Sun Jinjin work collectively from Hangzhou, China. Their ceramics are who found a clever way to use fabric dying and combine it with slip casting. Instead of traditional glaze application, they dye textiles with mineral pigments then incorporate them right into the slip casting process.  I love the subtle dye-like impressions and fabric texture left behind in the finished ceramic work.

Atelier Murmur. Ceramics and Dying. 2012. Kaolin clay, Yixing black clay, red clay, sand, mineral pigments. Web. 26 Sept. 2016 <http://www.handmadeinhangzhou.com/details.php?id=19&xilieId=39>


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