Beatwoven: The Fabric of Sound

Textile producer, here Beatwoven, recuperation developed software with a music producer which translates sound and music in to pixels that serve as a visual language of sound. Beatwoven Founder, allergy Nadia-Anne Ricketts, a professional dancer and weaver, saw a link between music, her loom and the patterns created by music and textiles independently and sought to fuse the two. The geometric imagery is then woven to develop high end fabric utilized in interiors as pillows and upholstery fabric. By looking in to the history of the music, the genre and the artist, Ricketts determines colour and textures. The cloth is woven in a silk weaving mill in England.


Pas De Deux. Tchaikovsky’s work from the ballet The Sleeping Beauty. Silk, Rose metallic yarn and neutral cotton.
Source: Web. 28 Sept. 2016.

Piano Concerto No. 2. Rachmanioff. A sample from the collection. Silk, wool, copper and silver steel metallic yarns.
Source: Web. 28 Sept. 2016.


My Tribe. Collaboration with DJ and music producer Demi. Copper metallic yarn, silk, wool and polyester.
Source: Web. 28, Sept. 2016.

Learn more in the video below.


The Fabric of Sound – BeatWoven from Goldsmith on Vimeo.



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