//Unshelved// Art as Future-Making

I am lucky enough to be able to participate in an exhibit titled “Unshelved” with a lot of great artists from ACAD. This exhibit comes from Mireille Perron’s FINA 450 class and includes the work of students from nearly every department!

I wanted to take this great opportunity to create something different from my usual practice while still incorporating it in some way.

I chose to create a book of weaving – I used a found book of collected stories from one author who I chose to keep anonymous as it is not necessarily important in discussing what I wanted to portray with my work. I titled it “Anthology of Weaving” in which there are pages upon pages of hand woven book pages. I ripped out many pages throughout the book and cut them up into strips to weave back in to the remaining pages. By doing this I distorted the remaining text into my own story. This takes the traditional form of weaving into new dimensions.

On the inside cover I included this:

    ” Anthology of Weaving synthesizes two great art forms. Placed between the covers of the label “The Collected Stories”, see the viewer encounters a commentary on the versatility of the craft of weaving. Where the traditional practice of weaving utilizes a loom and fabric, syphilis this piece of art takes the pages of the art of writing and rebuilds it into a woven work. The sudden encounters of capital letters or italicized words draws in the readers attention, impotent which occasionally reveals complete sentences in the chaos. Such a thing can be found in woven fabric as well; highlighted stitches or dyed fabric capture the intrigue of the viewer and provides a means of contemplation as to the depth of the piece itself. Anthology of Weaving ultimately creates a commentary on possibilities, and depth of, the craft itself. With the combination of writing and weaving, the viewer begins to wonder just how far the craft can go. Look past the cover and lose yourself in the collected stories hidden within Anthology of Weaving. ”

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This exhibition is on display in the ACAD Luke Lindoe Library from March 8th-April 7th, 2016. There is an opening from 5-7 pm in the library on Thursday, March 10th, so come on down and check out some fantastic work from graduating students  at ACAD!