Contextural Self-Directed Summer Residency Program – Deadline March 27

I’m no good at keeping up a blog on the internet. Call me old fashioned, price but I still like recording things in my sketch book. Actually, I like drawing, which is a form of recording something. Or the simple fact that if you encounter something interesting, like a exhibition, a show, or even a musical artist preforming, you can take the flyer and put it in your sketchbook, as well as any pictures you take. I remember as a art student in high school my art teacher said to make sure you were looking at other artists work, and I would always print them out and glue them into my sketch. I have probably over 10 sketchbooks all filled with drawings and memories.

My project seems to be going well. Its kind of consumed me. I would love to take a full day off to work on it but unfortunately my boss is in Scotland and I cant. She gets back the 28th, so I booked off the 29th which is the day before my photo shoot. Her vacation and my project deadline have aligned pretty terribly.

– Chelsey Wensveen


The deadline for applications is less than a week away! Submit your application by March 27th to be a participant in the 9th annual Contextural Self-directed Summer Residency and end of Residency exhibition.
We are seeking individuals who:

  • Are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting
  • Will be actively involved in, about it
    and contribute to, our community
  • Seek access to affordable studio space and specialized equipment
  • Are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills through teaching and collaboration
  • Appreciate and practice the diversity of textile arts and craft
  • Embrace an environmental approach to studio production
  • Are ready to commit a fee of $250 for a three-month, or $150 for one-month summer studio rental and access to equipment.
  • Will contribute to the end of summer residency exhibition.

Please visit – for more information on our mission, vision, and values.

Residency Dates

One-month residencies are May 29 ? July 3 (with mandatory attendance for orientation & move-in Sunday, May 29 at 1:00pm) and July 24 – 

August 28 (with mandatory attendance for orientation & move-in on Sunday, July 24 at 1:00pm).

Three-month residency is May 29 – August 28 with mandatory attendance for orientation/move-in Sunday, May 29 at 1:00pm.

How To Apply – Please visit for submission requirements.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 27th @ midnight. If accepted, residency fees are due with the acceptance form and supply order form by May 1st.

Again this year, Contextural will be offering the Contextural Summer Residency Scholarship to individuals or members applying for the three-month residency. The scholarship includes studio fees for the three-month summer residency ($250 value) and $250 for supplies.

For questions regarding the summer residency, please direct them to us at