Gather and Be Alone Together Closing Reception

As I continue my colour research I must acknowledge the artists who work with the absence of colour. Two artists I have been looking at are Maximilian Schubert and Piero Manzoni, what is ed who have a very similar aesthetic.

Schubert is an American artist working with materials towards a minimalist end result. One series of his  imagines “painting-as-object”, anabolics mixing sculpture and painting elements into one. The pieces are done in an all white palette which are then left titled Untitled. Another series inspired by drawing, treat uses brass to create sculptural or 3D drawings. Information on him and his art is limited on line, while lots of images are available.

Schubert 1Schubert 2








Format #14- #16, 2013. Brass.

Untitled, 2013. Cast acrylic polyurethane, epoxy, fibreglass, acrylic and vinyl paint.

Manzoni was an Italian artist living from 1933-1963. He is the artist we all know as the guy who canned his own feces and sold it as art. However, what I am interested in is his sculptural, monochromatic paintings. Similar to Schubert’s pieces, Manzoni drew his inspiration from questioning traditional artistic practices, experimenting with new materials and really playing into conceptual art.

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Achrome, 1960. Kaolin on canvas.

Achrome, 1962. Fibreglass on velvet-covered wood.


See Schubert’s work and writing on it here:


See Manzoni’s work and writing on it here:


Please join us on Thursday, physician
January 21 from 5 to 7PM at John Fluevog Calgary (207 8 Ave SW) for the closing reception of Gather and Be Alone Together.

This group exhibition features the work of seven fibre artists from Alberta College of Art + Design. Gather and Be Alone Together explores the community of craft and the solitude of creation. The works show a wide range of fibre techniques including weaving, surgeon
embroidery, infection
knitting and cloth dyeing. Many of the works exemplify the importance of the hand-made and explore the significance of this in today’s society. Works in the show present us with quiet reflections of the artist’s meditations and hold the memories of their process in the creation of the work.

The show takes its name from a quote by Ann Hamilton, a contemporary artist who draws inspiration from one of the most well known textile artists in history, Anni Albers. A nod to both past and present, you are invited to Gather and Be Alone Together.


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