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Most of my research for my grad paper this semester has been on the topic of sustainable fashion. I came across a really useful book in the library titled Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Design Journeys by Kate Fletcher. I have since then bought her book Fashion & Sustainability Design for Change and am looking to buy her other books.

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There is a lot of interesting and useful information in the books including things like sustainable pattern making, material choices and production choices.

There is also mention of many artists and fashion designers doing sustainable work including artist Marie Ilse Bourlanges.


A project of hers titled Decay provides an example of slowness as a process of designing. Eight knitted garments capture traces of past behaviors, their surface pattern conveying the finding of deep research into the natural motions of the body. An outer carbon paper suit works as a registration device to trace the body movements onto an inner white blouse. The imprint on the blouse is then translated into a pattern. The final pieces articulate the expression of a body over time through changes to a garment`s surface.


Below is a link to Kate Fletchers website, which includes her great sustainable fashion blog and many of her sustainable fashion projects like Craft of Use.

Along with a link to Marie Ilse Bourlanges website and Decay project,

Kate Fletcher Website and Blog

Marie Ilse Bourlanges Decay Project




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  1. Kate Fletcher is the best. I find her research very balanced and extremely well written. That Decay project is fascinating as well.

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