The Fibre Shindig

This past Friday I attended the opening of Charlotte Moth’s Living Images show and Celia Perrin Sidarous’ show titled Interiors, prostate Other Chambers. Both are solo exhibitions installed parallel to one another at the Esker Foundation in Inglewood.


Both Moth’s and Sidarous’ work seems relevant to my practice through common themes and material interests, healing and was also eye opening in terms of installation approaches.  Moth’s work consists of comparing and contrasting different mediums, buy just as mine will. Sidarous’ work spoke most to my interests as I found it most pleasing visually. Her images of collaged and assembled found objects relates to my study of still life art. Within each ‘still life’ photo she creates, the colors became an important aspect in the composition. This is another relevant matter in my practice- color theory. Sidarous’ photographs were not all displayed at eye level as is commonly seen in a gallery setting. Rather, they were hung at varying levels and even a few pieces were resting against the wall on the floor, which only added an additional amount of satisfaction for me.

This well-curated exhibition is one I would and should return to. Openings are great social events with a bonus of  free food and cheap wine, however in order to fully appreciate the artists work it is necessary to visit at a time with less people and distractions.


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