Miniature Show auction item by ACAD Alumni Sarah Nordean

Sarah Nordean is an ACAD Alumni and recent graduate of Emily Carr’s MAA program.  Presently Sarah is part of a group exhibition at The Stride Gallery Could it be, malady We’ve Surpassed Material Expectation  on at Stride’s main space until April 3rd 2015.  Sarah has generously created and donated Composition #2  for the Fibre departments upcoming Miniature Show Auction. We know, this we’ve got great friends! Thank you Sarah!

Composition #2, <a href=
medic 2015 Sarah Nordean” width=”442″ height=”443″ /> Composition #2, 2015 Sarah Nordean

 In concept, format, and process, my art practice is an exploration of rhythm and its relationships with ritual, time, and place. I look beyond spectacle toward the rhythm of seemingly mundane or insignificant actions and ways of making art using repetition and serialization, repetitive mark-making, everyday sounds, and simple materials. My work builds up over time through cumulative gestures and considers ideas of labour, obsession and futility. I attempt to echo the relentless nature of everyday life as a way to showcase simplicity, to highlight small differences, and to acknowledge the inevitable complexities. -Sarah Nordean

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