Congratulations Christine Thomson

For this English class with Derek I have really being trying to push my poetry within my practice. I have been trying to make successful artwork that integrates my poetry with my hand drawn imagery. Derek has shown us so many great examples of Canadian poetry in this course that is contemporary and different than any poetry I had read before. It pushed me to re-think my own writing process and think about what I would like the reader of my poetry to understand. I have been juxtaposing my poetry with my simple hand drawn images of banal everyday objects that are not normally important objects to remember. I try to sift through my memories and pull out the fragmented pieces within my writing of an experience that is now broken. I also want my hand drawn imagery to be pathetic and feel like although these objects are banal that they are still important and can reference people, health care places and time.

Both of these pieces seen above are in response to books of poetry that Derek showed to us in his course. Boat Ride is in response to the book Testament by Dennis Lee which is about the apocalypse. For this artwork I wanted to explore a time in my childhood when I felt like I was going to die on a boat ride I went on when I was about 3. My own personal apocalypse. We were at my family cabin and decided to go boating on the lake nearby and we had way too many people in our boat. I remember vividly being forced to go on the boat even though I didn’t want to because my parents weren’t going to be on the boat with me. Eventually . . . the boat started to fill up with water and then we were all in the middle of the lake with floatation devices waiting for another boat to rescue us and take us back to shore. Although it sounds like I remember a lot from this time all of this is somewhat fragmented and I only remember bits and pieces of it. I wanted to capture my feelings in this memory with my poetry and juxtapose it with an image of a boat key.

My second piece Garage Light was in response to a book called Decomp by Stephen Collis and Jordan Scott which is about letting Darwin’s book about evolution decay in nature and what the authors were left with to create poetry from. They both wanted nature to read the 5 books they left in different climates all over British Columbia. After reading this book I had thoughts about my interest in objects decaying and falling apart. I’ve always been a big fan of rusting and rust dyeing so I thought it would be a good time to bring this interest back into my practice. Garage Light is about the house I grew up in when I was a child and how it is very much so falling apart and decomposing. My parents did a lot of renovations on this house that we no longer live in and when I go back to visit it many of these past renovations are still there. I thought it would be interesting to put together an image of our garage light falling apart and rusting with poetry from what I remember most while my parents were going through renovations. This was mostly my brother and I getting told off for doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing at the time.

Titling my artwork has been another important aspect to my work lately because I feel that if I am not choosing the right titles people will not understand why the writing and the imagery go together. I am still trying to fine tune this body of work and will continue to do so throughout my time in Derek’s class.


-Vaughan McMillan

Recent Fibre graduate Christine Thomson has won the American Tapestry Alliance Award. Congratulations Christine!

Since 2011 there have been three winners of the ATA award from ACAD including Christine, melanoma
Sabrina Niebler and Rachel Betts-Wilmott.