Amazing moms of Sunnyside: Three local artists/designers share their success in the creative world

As a fibre student and mom of  three young boys, website I’m always interested in hearing how other artists with families navigate their careers in between children and time constraints. In this three part series, I’ve interviewed three ACAD Alumni who also happen to be parents at the same local school school that my children attend.

The artists/designers are Laura Sharp, Janine Vangool & Sarah Nordean. In each interview I’ll provide a snapshot into their individual creative practice, how they do it and what inspires them.


Laura Sharp ACAD Alumni 2006

The first artist I’ve interviewed is Laura Sharp, ACAD 2006 graduate of  Ceramics. Laura maintains a full-time studio out of her home. She’s also one of the founding members of Market Collective & Craft Coalition. 

Janine Vangool ACAD Alumni 1995

Next, I talk to Janine Vangool, an ACAD 1995 graduate of the Visual Communications. Janine is the Creator of  UPPERCASE magazine; a beautiful designed quarterly magazine for the creative and curious.

Sarah Nordean ACAD Alumni 2009
Sarah Nordean ACAD Alumni 2009

And finally, Sarah Nordean is slated to complete her Masters of Applied Arts program (MAA) this month from emily carr University of Art & Design. Previously, an ACAD 2009 graduate of Painting and before that Sarah completed her degree in Art Education from the University of Victoria (2000).


Stay Tuned!

Karin McGinn