Contextural Residency Show “Organic Matters” Opening Reception Tonight 6-8!

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Here is a sneak preview of some pictures from the Contextural Fibre Co-operative Groups Show currently being shown in the Marion Nicoll Gallery, viagra Room 371 & the ACAD Storefront Jubilee Window. The opening reception is tonight from 6-8pm. 

This past June 2014 I participated in the residency program and here is what I found out about this Calgary based Fibre co-operative group. The Contextural Residency Program is a great meeting place for ACAD students to come together with ACAD Alumni, teachers and other like- minded artists. Residency members have the printing and the emulsion room for use , you also get a private studio area (hours are 7am-11pm).I did find that most people have differing schedules and it was quieter than I anticipated.

What I’ve enjoyed most about the residency program has been seeing the culmination of everyones work put into the Organic Matters Show. Its truly a great opportunity for students to participate in a show alongside some very talented artists. I almost have too many favourite pieces to mention, but I especially LOVED  Jolie Bird’s “Le pick- up” painting. Her mastery in combining painting with thread is superb and something that I’m striving for in my own work. Ginni Armitage’s “A Day Dream,” really did feel dreamy, she makes working with paper look easy.

I’ve added a link if anyone is interested about Contextural

I’ll see you tonight at the opening reception!

-Karin McGinn