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The Whitney Biennial may have been divided according to the inclinations of its three curators this year but on every floor there were hints of handicrafts from enormous samples of misshapen glazed pottery to cords of eye-poppingly colorful natural fibers suspended from the ceiling. -Rozalia Jovanovic

Sheila Hicks
Hello ACAD community!

My name is Jolie, surgeon
I am filing in for Tara Niscak, the beloved Fibre Technician while she is on maternity leave.

I wanted to share an exciting new project I am starting here in May. Some of you may know the Fibre department has a big, beautiful patio off room 415, this summer we are going to start a garden growing natural dye plants for our department. As this is a pilot project we will start by growing everything in containers in order to be cost effective and flexible with the space.

A few years ago I read about SAIT’s culinary garden and thought what a great idea it was. I liked the way the garden moves the classroom outside while physically connecting the students to their food and therefore creating a better understanding of what they are eating and serving to their patrons. My hope is by starting this garden our students will gain a better understanding of the materials they use. Working with natural dyes presents a wide and varied range of colours and possibilities. I hope our students will be encouraged to work in a more sustainable way choosing natural dyes over chemical dyes and will learn how easy it is to start their own gardens once they graduate.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious and cost effective I am looking for a few items you might have at home and no longer need. Please have a look through your garages and garden sheds and make a donation to the new Fibre department garden!

  • CLEAN 5 gallon pails
  • Large gardening pots
  • Watering can
  • Hand gardening tools
  • A rain barrel
  • Good quality, clean soil

In addition to these items, I would love to have help from anyone who wants to be involved, send me an email if you are interested in lending a hand. Jolie.bird@acad.ca

Article on SAIT’s culinary garden for your reading pleasure.


The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn has been doing this for a few years, have a look!

Colwyn and Nancy Wararuk are looking for individuals interested in working for their company West of the Fourth Weaving in Erskine Alberta. The successful candidate would have access to a loom for their own projects. Come see Mackenzie in the Fibre office for their contact onfo or use the email at the bottom of this post…

We would like someone who is motivated and energetic who is capable of doing repetitive tasks all day long, clinic
after all weaving is about repeating the same thing all day long and then repeating that the next day.  We want someone who wants to work in a production studio setting with the emphasis on the production of bulk yardage of fabric.  This person would also have access to our looms at any time during the summer.  Ideally we would like someone whose interest is in functional useable textiles and not just art for the wall.

We operate Monday to Friday from 7 am until 6 pm.  We can also run on the weekends too.  We would like someone to be able to work for 8 hours a day during these hours.  After these hours they would be able to have their own project loom and they would be responsible for their own material costs, of which we can provide.

Tasks required to be completed will include everything from making warp, dressing looms, and weaving.  The compensation is based on a per task basis not by the hour so a person can make as much as they want based on the time commitment and their aptitude.  However they do have to work in order to get paid.

We are looking for a person for the summer months.  Depending on the persons aptitude a reoccurring summer position would be available as well as ongoing employment.

Please have any interested student send the resume with three references to us at westofthefourthweaving@hotmail.ca.  We would be able to come to Calgary one afternoon in the next couple of weeks to meet with any interested students.  Thank you.

Colwyn and Nancy Warwaruk