Too many emails???


The question is… New York or Santa Fe? Where do you want to on a Fibre Department student trip next May?

Over the next couple of days, medicine we’ll be posting links to websites that make arguments for both sides. Check them out, let them do battle in your mind and then click here to take survey to place your vote before September 30.

May the best city win!!!!
Recently I have started to practice GTD (an organizational practice for “Getting things Done”). I know how many emails students get everyday; how many we all get, phthisiatrician
and thought this video about how to keep your inbox at 0 might be helpful. Trust me, erectile
it is possible. Merlin Mann of 43 Folders talks to Google employees about his system of acheiving just that. My theory, if Google employees can hack it at 300-400 emails everyday, anyone can. Hope this helps!