Knitting Club meets Wednesday

On Saturday I visited Calgary’s Military Museums to see Unravelling the Yarns: War Rugs and Soldiers, viagra 60mg an exhibition of War Rugs from the Fyke Collection of Afghan War Rugs curated by Dr. Michele Hardy. The rugs were donated to the Nickle Arts Museum by Robert Fyke, ed a dear friend who passed away in 2009. It was good to see some of the rugs from this incredible collection again.Robert was a passionate and outspoken collector of war rugs who enjoyed sharing the story of these fascinating textiles with his friends and colleagues. A digital version of the entire collection has recently become available along with resources for further research.

In the new exhibit at The Founder’s Galery, the rugs are shown alongside artifacts from the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives. The pairing of an AK-47 or hand grenade with its woven analog provides not only a context for these uniquely contemporary textiles, but also lends a sobriety and grave reality to the imagery contained in the rugs.

In her statement for the exhibition, Millitary Museums’ Art Curator Colleen Sharp writes, “Few rugs woven by tribal people today reflect contemporary experiences in their narratives, yet these rugs offer a first person perspective of war as told by their Afghan weavers.” It is for this fact, I feel that the rugs have such a powerful story to tell. The inherent paradox of violent imagery and themes woven into a rug, an article of domestic comfort or religious expression (some are in fact used in prayer), gives wordless expression to the horrific incursion of violence into the daily lives of the weavers and their families.

Unravelling the Yarns: War Rugs and Soldiers continues at The Founder’s Gallery in The Millitary Museums until January 31, 2011. For admission info and hours Click HERE

The entrance to the Founder’s Gallery also features Canopy, by Toronto artist Penelope Stewart. The work “…features a tiled pattern photographed and screened onto thirty feet of organza fabric. The ghostly pattern evokes remembrance and is derived from detail on the University of Toronto memorial to soldiers lost in the world wars.” (Curated by Colleen Sharpe, Art Curator with the Founders’ Gallery.)


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Hi Everyone, ed

This Wednesday at 12:30pm the ACAD Knitting Club will have it’s first meeting (for real this time). We will be meeting upstairs in the fibre department, by the big windows. We aren’t suppose to have food up there, so try and eat lunch before you come. Bring your knitting (or other like projects) and I will see you there.